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Bow River Hookers is a fly fishing guide and outfitter dedicated to delivering unparalleled and unique fishing experiences to enthusiasts. Our expertise in navigating the lower Bow River is unmatched. We possess deep knowledge of the trout’s habitat and their dietary habits. Despite the Bow River’s tendency to challenge even seasoned fishers, our team is celebrated as “The Boats with the Bent Rods,” thanks to our ability to facilitate numerous successful catches.

Choosing Bow River Hookers for your fly fishing adventure guarantees guidance from our team of highly skilled and experienced guides. For trips requiring multiple boats, we ensure the inclusion of equally qualified guides to offer assistance, all under our meticulous coordination and leadership to enhance your fly fishing journey.

We pride ourselves on operating independently from fly-shops and accommodation services, focusing solely on providing our clients with memorable fishing outings. Our goal is to offer the chance to catch vigorous Rainbow and Brown trout, to enjoy good company, and to conclude the day with a sense of achievement and a smile.

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The Bow River in southern Alberta stands out as a top destination for fly fishers worldwide, offering a mix of trophy trout fishing, diverse angling methods, and stunning natural beauty. As a fishing guide company, we are dedicated to providing unforgettable fishing adventures on the Bow River, ensuring every angler leaves with lasting memories and stories of their catch.

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