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Fish Tarpon in Mexico
Sandy and Tom, owners of Bow River Hookers, love fishing and have travelled around the world and fished some truly great spots. One of their favourite "hot spots" is located in the state of Yucatan in Mexico. The city they love is busy, beautiful and safe with all the amenities of a North American city. It is a virtually unknown destination to the world of global tourism, and gets as many tourists in a year as Cancun gets in a day!

Along with endless beautiful historic sights, museums and Mayan ruins, they have found a Tarpon guide who targets the mangrove shores, creeks and off-shore flats for the "Silver Prince". Seemingly endless supplies of these juvenile Tarpon are an absolute dream!

Days of light wind and flat oceans reveal thousands of happy rolling Tarpon, and although sometimes a colour change is required, if you put the fly in front of the fish, they will eat.

Other species that can also be caught while chasing Tarpon are Snook, Lady Fish, Barracuda, One Eyed Jack, Snapper and Iguana.

This is truly the perfect destination for every skill level fly fisher to have success on these amazing fish.

Please contact us to help you book an unforgettable destination fly fishing trip for the entire family!

About the Area
Obviously, Tom and Sandy want to keep all their fishing "hot spots" as much a secret as possible. Their Mexican fishing area has its origins in the Mayan civilization. The culture is rich in traditions, handicrafts, regional food, folklore, military architecture, and Mayan sites, preserving the roots of the Spanish conquest. We guarantee the location is clean and safe, and hospitality from the locals makes it a unique venue in southern Mexico.

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Anglers have chosen to stay next to the water where boats pick everyone up in the morning right across from the main lobby entrance of the hotel.

Bow River Hookers guides practice catch and release exclusively. There will be no fish killed on a Bow River Hookers fly fishing trip. All fish caught will be released. If you have not fished in Alberta in the last 5 years, the first thing you will need to do is to purchase a WIN Card. Once you have purchased a WIN Card you will be able to purchase your Angling License.
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