Bow River Fly Fishing Guide, Bow River Hookers, will take you fly fishing on the Bow River for trophy Brown trout. Bow River fly fishing guide and outfitter, Bow River Hookers, provides Bow River fly fishing experiences second to none. Bow River Fly Fishing Guide, Bow River Hookers, will take you fly fishing on the Bow River for trophy Brown trout.
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Environment Canada Calgary weather, an important consideration if planning a day of Bow River fly fishing.
Calgary weather is important consideration on a day of Bow River fly fishing.
Bow River Hookers, the premier Bow River Fly Fishing Guide and Outfitter in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Our specialty is fly fishing the Bow River around Calgary, Alberta.
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Hyde Drift Boats - Bow River Hookers drift boat of choice for fly fishing the Bow River.
Fly Fishing Video Gallery
Video showcasing Bow River fly fishing - seeing is believing

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video clip must be worth significantly more. While the 1000+ images of trout throughout the pages of this website showcase the fish, only a video can showcase the fly fishing.

Below are a series of video clips depicting what you might expect on a fly fishing trip with Bow River Hookers. These video clips are not staged, doctored or dressed up. They are edited raw footage of the Bow River, its trout and the fly fishing adventure you can have with Bow River Hookers.

Click on the Video title on the right to view the Video.
Click on the Video title to view the Video

Some days defy description
Video Length - 5:09
May 20, 2009
In this clip, Jerry, Tom, Bill Sr., Bill and Jason are treated to trememdous fishing courtesy of the Bow River.

The Bow is a tremendous fishery
Video Length - 5:27
May 20, 2009
If you are looking for a quality experience fly fishing for Brown and Rainbow Trout, the Bow River is hard to beat.

Bow River Hookers Guides
Video Length - 4:25
May 20, 2009
Bill, Tom and Paul fish the Bow, Oldman and Elk Rivers. Tom and Jason fish the Bow River.

Clips of fishing the Bow
Video Length - 5:43
May 20, 2009
This clip features Bill Sr. Tom, Jason and Bill fishing the Bow River. The clip depicts various methods of fishing the Bow.

Float Trip Nymph Fishing
Video Length - 7:04
August 12, 2008
Tom, Jason, Clint, Bill Sr. and Bill Jr. do a typical float trip on the Bow River, nymphing under a strike indicator.

Bow River Success
Video Length - 2:55
August 5, 2008
Cam Grant and Wade (Edmonton, Aug 2) and the Cunningham party (Virginia, Aug 4 & 5) enjoy exceptional days of fishing on the Bow River.

Rainbows on a Dry
Video Length - 5:52
July 16, 2008
Ed Margola of Massachusetts gets a rare opportunity to take a number of Bow River Rainbows on a dry fly.

Bow River Rainbow
Video Length - 2:31
July 14, 2008
Chris and John, part of the Trey Shanks party from Texas, get up close and personal with a Bow River Rainbow Trout.

Winwood Corporate Float
Video Length - 4:08
July 10, 2008
The annual Winwood Corporate Float trip saw a number of trophy class trout. Al tied into the best Brown of the day.

Lakefish on the Bow
Video Length - 6:05
July 8, 2008
Stan and Jon Lakefish (Washington) enjoy the entire experience of a Bow River float trip, the fish, the scenery and everything in between.

Bow River Gold
Video Length - 2:26
June 30, 2008
Bill Windsor Sr. gets a special treat, a colourful, heavy Brown Trout, courtesy of the Bow River.

Rick Bartlett visits the Bow
Video Length - 3:27
June 27, 2008
Rick Bartlett (Georgia) spends a beautiful day on the Bow enjoying the quality fish she offers.

Guide's day on the Bow
Video Length - 6:32
June 26, 2008
Guides Jason and Bill are joined by Bill Sr. on a day of keeping in touch with the river and the fish.

Ned Pankhurst enjoys the Bow
Video Length - 13:23
June 24, 2008
Ned Pankhurst (Australia) has a great day of fishing the Bow in spite of the cloudy, fast water and challenging weather.

Larry and Josh on the Bow
Video Length - 3:40
June 23, 2008
Larry Delf (Calgary) and Josh Dubin (New York), two first-time fly fishers, enjoy the bounty the Bow can offer.

Steve Vigil on Beaver
Video Length - 6:08
June 11, 2008
Steve Vigil of Cypress, Texas gets a taste Alberta fishing and Rainbow Trout on Beaver Lake.

Beaver Lake Rainbows
Video Length - 12:54
June 2, 2008
Tom, Bill Sr., Jason and Bill spend this drab, cloudy day fly fishing Beaver Lake, Caroline Alberta, for Rainbows.

Northern Pike on a Fly
Video Length - 8:34
May 31, 2008
When the Bow River is blown out, there are still fish for the fly fisher to catch ... like Northern Pike.

Ring-Necked Pheasant
Video Length - 6:57
May 21, 2008
Not often is a cock Pheasant caught on video and even rarer still is to catch a cock Pheasant crowing.

Bow River May 20, 2008
Video Length - 8:48
May 20, 2008
Bill Windsor looks at the condition of the river at three launch sites.

Video Gallery Introduction
Video Length - 00:46
May 31, 2008
Tom Windsor, owner of Bow River Hookers, introduces the Fly Fishing Video Gallery page.

Close Encounter
Video Length - 8:09
November 29, 2008
Bowhunting persents opportunities to get up close and personal with the deer.

November Whitetail Buck
Video Length - 3:01
November 4, 2008
Bill Windsor bags a nice Whitetail buck using his Hoyt bow and Horizon Skyline Camo.

2010 Hunting Season
Video Length - 10:49
October and November 2010
Bill Windsor shares his experiences while bowhunting during the 2010 hunting season.

TV Spot
Video Length - 0:26
TV Spot.

The video clips stream at 523 kbps. This requires a high-speed internet connection. If you find the video to be choppy or the Video Player going into buffering mode, your internet connection is preventing the video from playing fluidly. In this case, try viewing the video clips at a non-peak internet traffic time or contact your service provider.

All these video clips are presented in Windows Media Video format. You must have Windows Media Player installed on your computer to view the video clips.

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